Your next talent hire isn’t a person,
it’s tofu

Help your portfolio companies hire by connecting
them to top talent sourced across the portfolio, without lifting a finger

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Trusted by top VCs

Scale your talent function with software, not people

Keep all exceptional talent in the portfolio
Connect your PortCo hiring funnels so you can retain top-talent inside the portfolio and help your companies hire
Unlock a new talent pool and radically multiply your introductions
Add and manage talent from your network that you’ve sourced for your companies
Save your companies tens of thousands of $ on hiring, free up cash for growth and reduce burn on your invested capital
Become a data driven platform team
Track your talent introductions, scale reporting across your entire portfolio and bring data into every discussion - never fly blind, again
Track the progress of your candidate introductions and where are they in your PortCos interview funnels
Get a birds eye view of all active conversations across your entire portfolio
Generate robust reporting at the portfolio and company level

Facilitate introductions with zero lead time

Manage and connect candidates to companies from one place,
so you never lose good talent to slow process
Make talent intros with all the key context required, directly from tofu, with one-click
Get real-time job postings and internal owners, so you always know the right person to engage at your portfolio companies
Save hours by eliminating back and forth comms and updating disparate Google Sheets - tofu helps keep you organized no matter the size of your org

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